Bodewes Winches, B.V. - Company in Schiedam, Nederland - Allbiz
    Bodewes Winches, B.V. - Company in Schiedam, Nederland - Allbiz
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    Bodewes Winches, B.V. - Company in Schiedam, Nederland - Allbiz

    Bodewes Winches, B.V., Schiedam

    Bodewes Winches, B.V., Schiedam
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    Сompany address: Schiedam, Nederland
    Admiraal Trompstraat 2, 3115 HH Schiedam
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    Bodewes Winches is a compact, well run outfit with the right people in the right place, with the prime objective of safety, efficiency and dedicated quality. The result is products that serve clients precisely as they would wish. Bodewes’ staff, from engineers, construction techni- cians to sales engineers and support personnel make up a closely knit, loyal team of specialists. They focus daily on making your product the best, and delivering it fast. They are qualified and committed. As a small, flexible and professional organisation, Bodewes started as a new brand within the Huisman group as of April 9th. This means a strong anchorage in a powerful, international organization. The Huisman group has Its headquarters and production site in Schiedam, the Netherlands, with 500 employees, offices In Brazil and the USA, and production plants in China (350 employees) and The Czech Republic (300 employees).Bodewes Winches operates fully independently but takes advantage of the qualities of a large, well- organized and internationally established organization with exceptional technical facilities. The Bodewes organisation can, in this strong setting within the Huisman group, offer you safety, continuity and exceptional technical facilities. Bodewes is, as a winch specialist, even more valuable to every client who wants the best…
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